About Me


I am an Investments Principal with the Omidyar Network in Bangalore. I graduated in economics from the University of Oxford. My areas of interest include data governance, healthcare, and financial inclusion.  Before going to Oxford, I completed a BA in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi and subsequently worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Co. in the Delhi office. This website contains some of my academic and non-academic work, writings and other things. All opinions and information shared here are purely my own.

Areas of Interest

I wrote my dissertation on healthcare in India. I have previously worked on financial inclusion - I spent the summer of 2010 interning with Bandhan microfinance and was also involved with the financial literacy campaign at St. Stephen's College. During my time at McKinsey, my interest in energy access issues led me to work on a rural electrification project. 

Literary Works

I have been writing intermittently since I was young. What started out as a Hindi poetry competition quickly transformed itself into a love for poetry. Along the way, I also started writing prose - first a novel, and then a series of short stories. I draw inspiration from the beauty and fortitude of everyday existince. My work revolved around themes of love, sacrifice, longing, companionship and hope.

Academic Papers & Projects

I completed a B.A. (Hons) in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi, and am now pursuing an M. Phil. in Economics from the University of Oxford. I also have an interest in history that I pursue alongside my formal economics education. Over the years, I have written papers and worked on projects, some of which I have now documented and stored on this website.


'Equal opportunity for all' is a personal aim that I try to inculcate in my daily life. Therefore, I have participated in and initiated a few peer support groups and websites. My chosen areas of support include economics and interview and CV preparation. This website contains links to initiatives I have been part of.


There are certain causes that I try to support either monetarily or by contributing to raising awareness. In the spirit of unbiasedness, I try not to actively espouse causes that have a direct bearing on my own life. Click here for a list of causes that I have supported or continue to support.

Non - Profit Consulting

Drawing on my experience as a pro-bono consultant and grant evaluator with RSSAF, I decided to help more non-profits with their scaling strategy. I focus on problems that are common across small non-profits (eg. funding). Click here for more resources.