Non - Profit Consulting

All images on this page courtesy St. Ann Foundation, Uganda

I offer a limited support service to small non profits operating in resource - constrained settings. Please find below a list of what all I am doing at this point in time. Everything on this website is completely free of cost. Please do use them and let me know how I can improve the help I offer by providing feedback.

Grants Programs

Raising funding is one of the biggest constraints faced by small non profits in remote countries. Relying on small grant programs is often the most efficient way to do so. Click here for a list of small grants programs and see which ones your NGO can apply to!

Mailing List

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Write to Me

Please use this form to write to me with any specific queries that you may have regarding your NGO. I will try to get back to you at the earlier. All communication from me will be purely advisory in nature.