What I'm Reading

Istanbul: Tale of Three Cities | Bettany Hughes, 2017

Jerusalem: The Biography | Simon Sebag Montegiore, 2011

This 628-page tour de force is a fascinating read from start to end. In-depth research that risks being boring is peppered with vivid descriptions of life in Jerusalem. When I visited Jerusalem in 2015, I fell in love with the city. On one hand, one can see the stern religiosity of the temple mount and, on the other, the rebelliousness of the city's lone gay bar. Montegiore's book on Jerusalem paints an equally vivid picture. Not only do you meet biblical figures like David and Jesus, but ones like Katy Antonius and King Abdullah, whose lives intertwined with that of the city. Comprehensive, compelling and captivating - a must read for history lovers! (Jul 18)